"A Quittance in Rage"

"A Quittance in Rage"
We strongly discourage this!

Friday, May 20, 2016

After Action Review

Please leave comments below, so we can make next year as big a success as this year was.

Opine on the hotel, the conference room, date/times, how fantastic the beer selection and quality was... anything else we would want to know.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Happy May Day!  Our long weekend of board games and craft beer tasting is now less than 2 weeks away!  One week from today I'll be packing up way too many games, and two weeks from today I'll be unboxing them back at home.  This will be the last reminder I send out -- if you have any questions, please ask now as I wind up final preparations!

Thursday, May 12 through Sunday, May 15.  We open the doors at about 8:00am each morning and usually close down around midnight, or whenever we lose critical mass.  On Sunday, we'll probably be packing up around lunch time.  It's an open house, so feel free to come for as long or as short a time as you wish!

Country Inn and Suites, 2270 Point Blvd, Elgin, IL.  (This is NOT the same Country Inn and Suites as last year.  Be sure you check your directions.)  If you need a guest room reservation, call 847-426-6400 or 800-830-5222, or look online at http://www.countryinns.com/elgin-hotel-il-60123/ilelgin. Be sure to ask for the "Ludophilia" room block for a special rate of $110+tax.

Admission is $10 per person per day, just to cover our room costs.  If you haven't paid in advance, please be sure to see me when you arrive to check in.  Whether you've pre-paid or not, make sure you get your door prize raffle ticket from me for each day you're present (Thu-Sat.  Prizes will be drawn Sat night.)

Most of the time will be spent playing board games, what else?  There's a large list of games already listed at http://tinyurl.com/ludo6lib. Feel free to add what you're bringing, or special games you want to request someone else to bring.

We also encourage everyone to bring their favorite and/or interesting craft beers to share.  I know Bill Dyer, our official brewmaster, has been hard at work creating a truly unbelievable selection of tasty beverages for us.  (Please remember to drink responsibly and do not drink and drive!)

But there's more this year:

* Beer Tasting Contest - Friday night.  Everyone who wants to participate can bring a beer to enter.  Please bring enough for 10-20 people to have a small sample, one entry per person.  Entries will be divided into 2 categories "Best Homebrew" and "Best Store-bought" with an informal as-blind-as-possible tasting for everyone who wants to judge.  Winner will be decided by simple plurality vote.  Prizes will be provided.  I will also provide the scorecards and tasting cups.

* Pizza Night - Pizza will be provided for all on Saturday night.  Preferences will be collected that day.

* Door Prize Raffle - As mentioned above, everyone will get a ticket for each day of paid attendance (Thu, Fri, Sat), and prizes will be drawn randomly Saturday night during pizza time.  Need not be present to win.  I have a nice stack of board game prizes to give away.

* T-Shirts - The t-shirts are in, and they look great!  If you ordered one, please see me to pick it up and pay ($15 per shirt).  I will have just a couple of extras for anyone who might still want one, first come, first served.  I also have a couple of extras from last year if you still want one of those.

I can't wait to see everyone again this year, returning friends as well as some new friends, I hope!  Please feel free to pass this information along to your friends and family.

Check out this lineup!

Our resident brewmaster, Bill Dyer, has been hard at work creating a killer lineup of hand-crafted beers specifically for Ludophilia!  These are all excellent, and you've got to come taste them for yourself!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Order by April 2nd! Ludophilia 6 T-Shirts!

Ludophilia 6 is coming up fast -- 4 great days of boardgaming, socializing, and craft beer enjoyment.
    Date: May 12-15.
    Location: Country Inn and Suites, 2270 Point Blvd, Elgin, IL.

That means if we want to order t-shirts again, it's getting to be time!  I had my resident artist do up some illustrations along the same lines as last year's shirt, with the logo on front, and a "humorous" take on the back, which seemed to be well-received.  Take a look:

If you are interested in buying one or more shirts, please respond with your desired size(s) by April 2nd.  I will want to get the order in by the next week to make certain we have them in time for the fest.  No payment necessary at this time -- I'll collect when you get the shirt.  (BTW, I also have a few leftovers from last year.  I'll bring them if anyone wants an extra of those.)

This will be the same shirt from customink.com as last year, just a different color.  They're quite nice and high quality material -- 100% preshrunk cotton, "generous fit" according to the website.

The cost of the shirt is dependent on the number we order, so I will have to give you the final price after I collect up the orders.  But here are the estimated costs per shirt by total group order size:
10 shirts total - $21 each
15 shirts total - $17 each
20 shirts total - $15 each
25 shirts total - $14 each
30 shirts total - $13 each
35 shirts total - $12 each (this is where we landed last year - prices inch down from here)


GAME LIBRARY - Please go to http://tinyurl.com/ludo6lib to add any games you plan on bringing to share, along with your expected attendance dates.  This lets us generate a list of what games will be available on which days.  You can also note games you specifically want to request other people to bring.

REGISTRATION - The admission cost remains the same as it's been: $10 per person per day, with a "buy 3 days get the 4th day free" bonus for those who pay in advance - that means just $30 for the whole weekend.  It's helpful for me if you register and pay in advance so I can plan on how many people will actually be showing up.  Please send a check to me at:
Brad Johnson
1517 Driftwood Lane
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

ROOMS - If you haven't reserved a room yet, call 847-426-6400 or 800-830-5222, or look online at http://www.countryinns.com/elgin-hotel-il-60123/ilelgin. Be sure to ask for the "Ludophilia" room block for a special rate of $110+tax.  (NOTE - This is NOT the same hotel as last year.)

FRIDAY NIGHT - Beer Tasting Contest.  If you're a homebrewer, PLEASE bring some of your best batch to sample.  If you're not, bring your favorite store-bought!  Or just be a judge!

SATURDAY NIGHT - Pizza will be provided for all!  (Everyone's on their own for food the rest of the time, as always.)