"A Quittance in Rage"

"A Quittance in Rage"
We strongly discourage this!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

If this doesn't tempt you, I don't know what would....

From our resident Brewmaster, Bill Dyer:
Once again I will be providing a fine selection of homebrew. The lineup for this year...
Imperial Stout Destroyer - An oak aged imperial stout.
Ludophilia VI Barleywine - The second annual official beer of Ludophilia
Crash and Burn Chocolate - A chocolate version of last years Crash and Burn Porter
Crash and Burn Blueberry - Ditto, except blueberry.
Two Sheep For One Wheat - a fresh batch a my wheat beer.
Dark Hearted Ale - A black IPA inspired by Bells Two Hearted Ale
Cherry Vanilla Mead - Need a good name for this, will take suggestions.
And I will have limited quantities of Shai Hulud Spiced Mead and Ludophilia V Chocolate Oatmeal stout from last year.

Where else could you hope to have this kind of beer along with unlimited boardgaming?  Ludophilia VI is the place for you!



  1. Update, I made a few more beers, I just can't stop myself.

    Coffee Version of Crash and Burn
    I split the batch of Dark Hearted Ale, there is a regular and a black version.
    Some regular Crash and Burn
    Head on The Table - a DIPA/IIIPA VERY hoppy.

    1. Bill Dyer is the Sun King Brewery of Ludophilia. Perhaps a beer naming contest with the winner getting free entry to Ludophilia 7? SurveyMonkey it! :)