"A Quittance in Rage"

"A Quittance in Rage"
We strongly discourage this!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We need a name

During Ludophilia IV, we had one of the hotel staff tell us it was so nice were helping people with that disease...

Needless to say, we pounced on that as the title of Ludophilia V - "Its Not a Disease!" However, we seem to be a bit short in the amusing-anecdotes-that-provide-a-name this time around.

Please provide your suggested titles in the comments section of this post.


  1. I was tempted by "The Number of the Beast" (6), but a) it's a stretch, and b) I was worried some people could be offended. Then again, this is the group that all played Cards Against Humanity together, so how offended could they really be? ;)

  2. Ludophilia Six -- Consenting Adults

    Ludophilia Six Sided Dies Dies Dies, My Darling

    1. "Ludophilia 6....sided die"

      "Ludophilia 6 - 1d6"